VANOS control

Continuously-variable cam control





This circuit utilizes a microprocessor to track and control the position of both cams by continuously pulsing the  VANOS solenoids.  Typical accuracy is within 1 degree of the cam setpoint.  Full translation of the cam from 0 to 20 degrees takes less than 1 second at most rpm’s.   The DISA valve is also controlled for optimum low and high rpm operation.





This circuit was designed to work in conjunction with the 413 ECU on an M54 engine but can easily be configured to any standalone system .  It utilizes the factory VANOS signal to only adjust cam timing when the 413 calls for it, therefore ensuring optimum cold start and part throttle operation.


This circuit is designed to mount in close proximity to the ECU but has provisions for a cabin LCD to monitor real-time cam position, as well as DISA status and RPM.


This product incorporates the results of many hours of dyno testing to maintain optimum cam position at both full and part-throttle.  It has run in my personal car for 18 months and 16,000 miles without error.  This board is now the third revision with reliable surface mount technology.


S54 dual VANOS control is also possible but has not been developed.